Company Introduction

Shijiazhuang Zhongjie Roller Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Zhizhao Industrial zone, Jiumen Township, Gaocheng District, Hebei Province. It is a high-tech enterprise in Gaocheng District, Shijiazhuang City. It is a company specializing in roller design, development, production, sales and after-sales service of high-frequency welded pipe, cold roll forming section steel, stainless steel welded pipe and titanium pipe,etc. At present, our products have spread all over the country and been exported to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, America and other countries and regions.

Our company, formerly known as Shijiazhuang metallurgical roller factory, has a long history. Since 1979, we has started to produce welded pipe rollers, specializing in the production of precision roller dies for diameter range φ8~φ426 various specifications of round pipes, square pipes, special-shaped pipes and cold-formed section steel. The measurement and detection meet the national class threel measurement standards. By means of non-destructive testing, it has a variety of testing instruments, such as bench hardness tester, HLV internal hardness tester, metallographic microscope, ultrasonic flaw detector, digital flaw detector, etc.

We have 5 mold design and development personnel, including 2 senior engineers, 2000 square meters of production area, 50 sets of professional production machine tools and 20 sets of heat treatment equipments, 10 professional after-sales service personnel. Based on the principle of "quality first, service first, reputation first, customer first", our company strives to make our own products and provide customers with the best quality products and services.

Following the development pulse of the world's welded pipe industry, together with the welded pipe equipment company,we have jointly developed and designed roller for the domestic advanced high-frequency straight seam welded pipe technology, direct square forming technology, single and double radius forming technology, round to square forming technology, cage roll forming technology, and FFX forming technology roll.

Our company also design ZTF forming method and direct square forming method with rotary vertical roller jointly with welded pipe equipment company. The multi-functional cold roll forming series welded pipe mill can not only produce round pipe and square rectangular pipe, but also produce cold formed section steel, which truly realizes "one machine with multi-purpose".

In 2014, our company and the welded pipe equipment company innovated and developed a new direct square forming technology, which realized the roller automatic adjustment of the whole line when changing pipe specifications, greatly reduced the labor intensity of the workers and improved the working efficiency.

Our company strictly implements the ISO9000-2001 quality system documents, pays attention to the production whole process control , and ensures that the quality and delivery period meet the requirements of customers; the professional commissioning engineers provide reliable terminal services for users.

Advanced technology, strong processing strength and perfect after-sales service system have created the excellent quality of "Zhongjie" roller. Our company has always provide a full range of technical services in the roller design, adjustment, processing and repairment.

Our company welcomes friends from domestic and abroad to visit our company for guidance and business negotiation. Both sides cooperate in the developing process of our country's cold-formed section steel and welded pipe products towards high precision, high strength, multi variety and multi-purpose, and jointly develop the grand plan.

Main products

1.Rollers for high frequency welded pipe mill

Round pipe:Φ20mm~Φ720mm    wall thickness:0.3mm—22mm

Square pipe:10mm×10mm~600mm×600mm  wall thickness:0.3mm~22mm

2.Rollers for open cold roll forming section steel


3.Roller for multi-functional welded pipe mill

100mm×100mm~600mm×600mm and special profiles according to customer’s requirement

4.Rollers for customized high strength steelproducts


5.Rollers for Various kinds of profiles

Like “8” type profile,similar "8" type, "P" type, butterfly type, door frame pipe, etc

6.Rollers for small size precised pipes

7.Cutting blades for slitting line

Material description and national standard chemical composition

1. Roller Material brief Introduction

The roller material of our company strictly complies with the national standard. The common roller material is GCr15, 9Cr2Mo, Cr12, Cr12MoV, Cr12Mo1V1, high chromium alloy; the extrusion roller material is H13, 3Cr2W8V, high chromium alloy molybdenum vanadium.

2. Raw material used by our company

National standard chemical composition table GB/TF  1299~2000











































































Roller technical condition

1.Roll technical parameters:

When the material is GCr15, 9Cr2Mo, Cr12, Cr12MoV, the hardness of heat treatment quenching is HRC60 ˚ ~ 63 ˚; when the material is H13, 3Cr2W8V, the hardness of heat treatment quenching is HRC50 ˚ ~ 55 ˚;

The quenching hardness of high chromium alloy Mo V after heat treatment is HRC55 ˚ ~ 60 ˚, and its service life is three times of that of H13 and 3Cr2W8V.

2.Roller surface roughness

Rolling face and inner hole surface:   0.8, end face and other surfaces:   1.6. The roller is not allowed to have cracks, bumps, rust, etc., and the round corner transition of the hole diameter is smooth without edges and corners.

3.Precision requirement

Aperture R Allowable tolerance

First five rollers

Rollers after the sixth stand

Inner hole precision

Keyway width tolerance

OD and width


12 -212±0.05mm




Above 4inch±0.05-0.25mm

Above 3inch±0.08mm

Parts of Customer List

Part I    In China

1. Shijiazhuang Zhongtai Pipe Manufacturing Technology Development Co., Ltd.

2. Shijiazhuang Furuiwo Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.

3. Shijiazhuang Great Wall Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.

4. Shijiazhuang Kerui Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.

5. Shijiazhuang Zhonghui Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.

6. Shijiazhuang Lantian Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.

7. Shijiazhuang Wenshida Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.

8. Shijiazhuang Tieneng Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.

9. Shijiazhuang Tianrui Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.

10, Shijiazhuang Chuangda Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.

11, Shijiazhuang Zhongtian Shunda Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.

12, Pingshan Jingye Steel 165 rolls, 76 machine rolls, 250 square lines do not change grinding tools

13, Hengshui Jinghua Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

14, Tangshan Dayuan Machinery Co., Ltd.

15, Tangshan Jianlong Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

16, Tangshan Property Zhongqiang Hi-Tech Precision Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

17, Zhangzhou Rong' an Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

18, Jinzhou Zhengshang Steel Distribution Department

19, Hebei Handan Tiansong Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.

20, Tianjin Henderson Steel Industry Co., Ltd.

21, Jigang Group Co., Ltd.

22, Jinan Ruifu Cold Bending Design and Development Co., Ltd.

23, Shandong guanxian North Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

24, Qingdao Xiangxing Co., Ltd.

25, Qingdao Sansi Co., Ltd.

26, Shandong New Era Co., Ltd.

27, Shandong Shengli Oilfield Steel Pipe (Rizhao) Co., Ltd.

28, Shanxi Dingrong Cold Bending Steel Co., Ltd.

29, Taiyuan Huaxincheng Co., Ltd.

30, Taiyuan Zongheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

31. Taiyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

32. Taiyuan Ruilai Trade Import and Export Company

33. Zhumadian Renhe Cold Bending (1000Mpa Yield Strength)

34. Henan Angang Huade Iron and Steel (1000Mpa Yield Strength)

35. Luoyang Daobo Co., Ltd. 36. Henan Jingzhi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

36. Xinxiang Tianfeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

37. Henan Zhengzhou Fuyuan Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

38. Wuhan Iron and Steel Hankou Jiangbei Company

39, Wuhan Jianhai Precision Profile Co., Ltd.

40, (Jiugang Group) Jiayuguan Huifeng Industrial Products Co., Ltd.

41, Huludao Shunlong Carbon Co., Ltd.

42, Shaanxi Youfa Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.

43, Jiangsu Nanjing Wan Ze Precision Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

44, Jiangsu Wuxi Hengfa Cold Bending Steel Factory

45, Nanjing Tianrun Co., Ltd.

46, Yunnan Kunming Kungang Cold Bending Steel Co., Ltd.

47, Guangdong Chongben Special-shaped Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.

48, Foshan Xiehai Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.

49, Sino-foreign joint venture Taifengqiao Metal Products Co., Ltd.

50, Guangdong Nanda Steel Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

51, Guangdong Foshan Lishui Co., Ltd.

52, Guangdong Chongben Special-shaped Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.

53, Guangzhou Foshan Yongrili Steel Pipe Factory

54, Foshan Nanhai Songgang Nanhua Steel Products Factory

55, Foshan Shunde Xiezhicheng Steel Pipe Processing Co., Ltd. 56, Foshan Nanhai Shun Steel Pipe Industry

56. Foshan Nanhai Shun Steel Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. 

57. Guangdong Kuntai Technology Co., Ltd.

Part II    Abroad

1. Colombia (300x300 × 12 whole line without roller change)

2. Bulgaria (30x30-70x70, 100x100-200x200 without roller change)

3. Turkey (250x250 × 12 whole line without roller change)

4. Turkey (h273 new direct square, no roller change for the whole line, roller change for the round pipe part)

5. Iraq (254 × 10 high strength steel roller)

6. Chile (F150 × 6 roller)

7. Kazakhstan (ERW165 × 6 roller)

8. Albania (ERW165 × 4 roller)

9. Cyprus (ERW89 × 3.5 roller)

10. Bangladesh (ERW114 × 2.5 roller)

11. Venezuela (ERW76 × 4 roller)

12. Ecuador (ERW305 × 5 roller)

13. Syria (ERW89 × 3 roller)

14. Uzbekistan (ERW76 × 3 roller)

15. Iran (ERW76 × 3 roller)


Company spirit : quality starts a career, the good faith TaYe, sincere business
Management idea : trust, science, efficient
Marketing concept : to buy credit, and selling the products
Business philosophy : began in customer demand, and finally customer satisfaction
Service concept : the pursuit of excellence, perfection
Corporate vision : to become the most outstanding in the industry


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